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Chocolate, Fruit, and Empathy: The True Christmas Spirit

MERRY CHRISTMAS, MOVIE HOUSE!!! I’m visiting my family and, this morning, my dad tried to order Beach Body supplements online so he can quote-get a bitchin’ beach body – unquote. How are your holidays going? Real quick, some news on my writing life. I got an essay published in Ravishly regarding the Randall situation, which… Continue reading Chocolate, Fruit, and Empathy: The True Christmas Spirit


And So It Begins…

In early January of 2015, I unsuccessfully attempted to read a biography of Fyodor Dostoevsky. This marked the point at which my adult life was put on pause.

It all began in a studio apartment in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood just off Clark Street. I was sitting on my ex-boyfriend’s bed with the rather large book spread open on my lap, when my ex plopped down next to me. Said ex will hence forth be referred to as Randall. Randall kissed me and pushed the book away..