Book List and Baked Good

On Egg Whites and Insanity

After last week’s baking experiment, my friend Chelsea challenged me to list my top 5 works on madness and make a baked good related to that theme. My list turned out great! The baked goods… well… just watch the video below:

As it turns out, there’s a huge, huge, huge, HUGE difference between adding an EGG WHITE and an EGG YOLK. The latter will hold your dough together into an easily moldable substance, while the former will leave you with a soupy, un-workable mess that will ooze off the cookie tray and splatter onto the bottom of your oven oh my God this is going to be a bitch to clean off I haven’t even started yet because I went to Korean barbecue Saturday instead of cleaning Jesus Christ.

What I ATTEMPTED (unsuccessfully) to do was create a basic tart shell. I was going to form tiny mini tarts and bake them. After that, I was going to fill the tarts with delicious candies because, like, I don’t know. That seemed kind of crazy. As my tarts basically turned into soup though, I had to nix that idea and just send my friend Chelsea the leftover candy and an apology card. Whoops! Let’s cross our fingers my next experiment turns out better.

While I would not recommend trying that recipe at home, I would DEFINITELY recommend reading all those fine works of literature I listed. In case you missed it, here’s the full list in writing:

5. Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

4. “Volunteers are Shining Stars” by Curtis Sittenfeld

3. Heroines by Kate Zambreno

2. “Salinger and Sobs” by Charles D’ambrosio

1. “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman

As always, please leave a recommendation in the comments section for my next list and/or baked good suggestion. Maybe I’ll make some successful next week!


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